SMART 2 in 1 Scale with Bluetooth

  • SMART 2 in 1 Scale with Bluetooth

     Electronic baby scale

  • Electronic baby scale is designed to control child weight. It is especially recommended in infancy and for premature babies, when the child’s weight is an extremely important indicator of its development. A specially designed folding shelf allows you to weigh babies (up to 20 kg). After dismantling, the scale is suitable for older children and adults (up to 100 kg).

    Save and track your child’s measurements using the dedicated Baby Fit application, with which the scale connects wirelessly. A friendly interface and a large number of functions will allow you to analyse data such as weight, height, head diameter and BMI, and compare them with WHO standards.

    The structure made of high-impact HIPS material and four high-quality weight sensors guarantee precise and safe measurement.

    With your needs in mind, we have created a product easy to use, accurate and reliable, and we took care of its highest quality ensuring comfort and safety during weighing.  

    for weighing infants (supine position) up to 20 kg
    after dismantling the infant shelf, it can be used by older children and adults up to 100 kg
    connects to the application via Bluetooth
    weighing result lock facilitating easy reading
    ergonomic shape and stable structure
    four precise weight sensors
    backlit screen
    tare function
    accurate measurement +/- 0.01 kg
    the height measure allows you to measure your height 


    Graduation − 0.01 kg
    Measuring range: 0.05-100 kg
    Units of measure − kg/lb-oz
    Maximum load − up to 100 kg
    Maximum load with infant shelf − up to 20 kg
    Battery power supply 2 x AAA